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Balcony TV

Photography 2017

Photographic storytelling. A mockumentary photographic typology, taken from various balconies around the word. 

3rd floor, Room 3150, 

This is Karen. 

Karen ended her career by the time she was 7 years old, Shortly after appearing in a "Pepsi" commercial. 

She is also known by the term "Child star". 

Karen tries to maintain a wealthy lifestyle, hoping that it would Lead her back to the spotlight.


This is Sally.

Sally loves souvenir shops.

She started her obsession with collecting souvenirs at the age of 5, with a miniature Eiffel tower that her father bought for her in a local airport.
Sally buys souvenirs from exotic faraway places she has never seen.
Her favorite one is a small Buddha statue she bought on Ali-Express.


5th floor, room 5092

This is Ron.

Ron is a good man.

He appreciates a good action movie
and soft porn.

When Ron is nervous he starts to fidget.

Recently, Ron's sister signed him up for a speed dating session, Claiming he should stop dating himself.

Ron is still waiting for the one.


4th Floor, Room 425 

This is Mickey
Mickey is nicknamed after his favorite mouse, 

A nickname he awarded himself at the age of 4. 

Mickey murdered a man for the first time in 1968. 

Since then, he has been working as a professional Hitman, mostly Making people's spouses look like they have committed suicide. 

He is now planning his next kill.


27th Floor, Penthouse suite.

This is Robert.

He says he is on a business trip, the penthouse suite is paid by the company.

He has several girlfriend and one wife. Robert likes to collect Cuban cigars but doesn’t know how to smoke them.

Robert loves kittens and Japanese teenage girls.


19th floor, room 1907

This is Joe. 

Joe despises his next door neighbors, Claiming he "smells funny".  Joe is a very productive person, He likes it when things get done.  He only eats food in pairs. 

2 pieces of chocolate. 

2 tomatoes. 

2 grapes.


20th floor, room 2002

This is Beth. 

Beth is a true romantic. 

She has been wearing the same glasses since the 6th grade, Given to her by John. 

John lives in a refrigerator, placed in Beth's back yard. 

Beth has three children, 5 grandchildren and a pigeon.


2rd floor, room 216

This is Danny.

Danny rejects the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers,

But refuses to be called a "Hipster".

He sees himself as a pioneer and leader of the latest cultural trends and ideals.

He is now thinking of how to make the "Hitler cut" the next big hair trend, as he is puzzled about the issues of human existence.

Every morning, he performs 10 quick squats in order to fit into his skinny jeans.

_DSC4898 fixed.jpg

6th Floor, room 616

This is Sofi.

Sofi has 2 children of her own and 3 more that belong to the Delphi house-hold.

Sofi loves bowling, but only with bumpers.

Sofi works as an "Au Pair", and often dreams of strangling Mrs. Delphi in her sleep.

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